Planning a trip with me is as easy as... 

Consultation: we meet by phone or email to talk about what kind of traveler you are, what sort of travel experience you're looking for and your ideal budget. Based on our discussion, I will come up with some ideas and suggestions. We can talk about my trip design fee, a charge that recognizes the expertise required to plan a trip. It's a per trip amount. For one couple, I charge $500 (Canadian dollars) for a trip of up to two weeks, $700 for up to three weeks and $850 for up to four weeks. For groups up to six travellers, I charge $700 for a trip of up to two weeks, $850 for up to three weeks and $1000 for up to four weeks. Trips longer than four weeks and trips with more than six travellers are priced on a case-by-case basis. If you're okay to proceed, I will ask you to send me a deposit for 50% of the fees and I'll get started.

Itinerary design: this is the fun part! I will rough out an itinerary for you based on the requests and preferences we discussed in our initial meeting. I'll offer you some accommodation and transportation choices and some ideas of the kinds of activities and excursions that will make your trip unique and personal to you. This is where I find you that great walking tour or thrilling activity, and steer you to the best restaurants and coolest galleries. I'll send all this over to you and will tweak it until you're not just happy with it, but super excited about your trip.

With an itinerary set to go, the only thing left to do is make reservations. If you'd like, you can leave this to me otherwise, you may take care of this yourself. 

Bon voyage! Finally the big moment, it's time for departure! Our communication doesn't stop here. You will have my contact information and if you need me, I will be available to answer questions every step of the way. 

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