designing once-in-a-lifetime destination retreats
that are unique and personal to you and your group

why travel with the voyagiste?

Destination retreats for people who want immersive travel experiences without worrying about all the details. 


Maybe you've been on a number of retreats or perhaps you've never been on one before. No matter what, with my destination knowledge, planning skills and life experience, I'll get you and your group on the right track or off the beaten path, and will bring you extraordinary value while I'm at it. 


I live and breathe travel and am big on superlatives: I want your trip to be the most inspired, enriching and transformative of your life. If it's the best, the coolest or the hardest to find - or even if it's the worst, the weirdest or most obvious, I want to know about it and share it with you. 


You can call me your retreat planner but I'd be thrilled if you thought of me as a friend. It's my pleasure to handle all the details of your trip but it'll only be a true success if you enjoy working with me. This is your adventure and I want you to take delight in it every step of the way.

what people are saying

If you are looking for great advice on where to go and what to do when you get there, Natasha is a top-notch resource. I spent a week on one of her retreats, so I know. It should also be mentioned that she’s warm, funny, has great attention to detail and acts quickly regarding questions and concerns during travel.

- Robin, San Diego

As a busy professional, I don't have time to waste on travel details. I can call Natasha and she takes care of everything. Her trips are thoughtful, authentic and not at all predictable. She takes me off the beaten track but knows how to make me feel right at home. I don't know how else to say it, but she really gets me. 

Chris, Toronto

I am a personal trainer, nutrition coach and menopause maven - I help coach women age 40 and beyond to thrive in fitness and health. I have trusted Natasha because she plans the BEST group trips and, ahem, the best wellness retreats (with me!). I would wholeheartedly recommend her services for retreat or vacation planning.              - Amanda, Houston

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