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Hello, I'm Natasha and I'm so pleased you're here!

I have always been a traveller: I was born in Manila, grew up between Abu Dhabi and Vancouver, and have spent my adult life criss-crossing the Atlantic, moving between London, Montreal, Paris and Toronto, where I now live. As an immigrant with a mixed Filipino-Iraqi background, I have always been proud to share my cultural traditions and in turn, love connecting with people from all backgrounds and learning about their stories and customs. 

I started The Voyagiste in 2015 to design and share the kinds of trips that I love best: the kind of trip that will foster connections, open your mind and make you feel good - but also the kind of trip that will do a bit of good, too!

This is a woman-powered business with a goal to empower women: the women I collaborate with, the women on our trips (and the men who join us!) but also the women in the communities we visit. I prioritize working with local women-owned or women-led businesses as much as possible, to keep resources where they belong, help families and strengthen communities. 

I believe that getting out of your comfort zone is a positive thing. I think that making memories and connecting with people is much more satisfying than collecting objects (but that the thrill of finding that gorgeous artisan-made piece in a local market is gratifying, too). And I think that the best gift we can give ourselves is a life well lived – and what better way to do that than travel!
I hope to travel with you soon.


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 I spent a week on one of Natasha's retreats, and it was marvellous. It should also be mentioned that she’s warm, funny, has great attention to detail and acts quickly regarding questions and concerns during travel.


Natasha's trips are thoughtful, authentic and not at all predictable. She takes me off the beaten track but knows how to make me feel right at home. I don't know how else to say it, but she really gets me.


I am a personal trainer, nutrition coach and menopause maven - I help coach women age 40 and beyond to thrive in fitness and health. I have trusted Natasha because she plans the BEST group trips and, ahem, the best wellness retreats (with me!). I would wholeheartedly recommend collaborating with her on a retreat.


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