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How do the trips work?

Our trips are designed to make everything as simple as possible for you. When you're ready to book, just send in your registration form and we'll let you know about your next steps.

How do the waitlists work?

If you're interested in any of our waitlisted trips, we recommend signing up as soon as possible. There is no obligation to join the trip but you will have a priority as we work on a first come, first serve basis. When the list opens up, you will have 48 hours to register and make a deposit before we open up that spot to the next in line.

How do I know which trip is right for me?

This is really a question for you to answer but if you're curious, open to connecting with people and places, and want to return from somewhere feeling renewed, refreshed and inspired, then there is a good chance any of our trips will be right for you. If you're a bit unsure, just get in touch - we're happy to talk things through.

What's included?

All inclusions are outlined on each trip page but in general, our trips will always include:

  • all accomodations

  • all instructional sessions 

  • all activities and excursions

  • local transportation

  • most meals

What extras should I be prepared for?

All inclusions are outlined on each trip page but in general, our trips do not include:

  • flights

  • transfers to/from any other locations outside of our predetermined place and time

  • alcohol

  • medical insurance and trip cancellation insurance

  • incidentals

  • gratuities

How do I find out about visa requirements and travel restrictions?

We keep up-to-date about visa requirements and any travel restrictions and will let you know this affects you in any way. Please make sure to read any emails and documents we send you and feel free to get in touch any time with any questions or concerns.

Do I need travel insurance?

Travel insurance that covers personal injury, medical treatment, repatriation, and evacuation expenses is a must. Trip cancellation insurance is also strongly recommended as it may be the only means of receiving reimbursement for flights and other non-refundable expenses should a trip be cancelled for any reason.

Can you accommodate dietary restrictions?

We are able to accommodate many dietary restrictions on all our trips but please get in touch before you book a trip so that we can make sure that we can serve your needs.

Who can travel?

Our trips are open to adults of all ages and are designed to be inclusive across nationality, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender and gender identity, religion, class and life experience. Having said that, our groups tend to attract "voyagistes" who are about 35+.

How large are the groups?

We like to keep our group size small and intimate so they we usually host from six to no more than twelve guests.

Do you accommodate solo travellers?

We do! Though our trips are all based on double occupancy, accommodations are set up to welcome singles in two twin (or sometimes double) beds. We match those traveling solo to suitable roommates and are sometimes able to provide private rooms for an extra fee.

Why don't you include airfare?

Since our guests come from all over the world, we are unable to include airfare in our trip packages. We are, however, happy to assist you in planning your route to and from the destination as well as side trips along the way.

Are departures guaranteed?

We do require a minimum number of guests to guarantee a departure so we advise our clients not to book airfare until this is reached. If a trip does not have enough guests ninety days before departure, it will be cancelled and all deposits will be reimbursed.

What happens if you cancel a trip?

If we cancel your trip for any reason, you will receive a full refund of all payments made to The Voyagiste. Keep in mind that flights or other travel arrangements made through third parties are subject to the cancellation terms and conditions of those providers. It is for this reason that we strongly recommend trip cancellation insurance.

Will I have any free time?

Though our trips are full of activities, there are opportunities to break off from the group to spend time on your own. There are even some scheduled activities that you may opt out of if that is your wish.

Are the trip itineraries set in stone?

Our itineraries are subject to minor modifications, dependent on the weather, spontaneous opportunities and the wishes of the group.


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